Making novel discoveries in the biology underlying normal development and cancer progression.

Our Focus

Ongoing research across a wide spectrum of biomedicine and the life sciences; including biochemistry, stem cell biology, immunology, molecular genetics, molecular medicine and gene therapy.

The Terry Fox Laboratory (TFL) has expertise in diverse research areas, including mammalian systems, normal and malignant mammary tissues, lineage specification in the gut, and yeast genetics. Experimental approaches employed at TFL include genetically engineered models, patient xenograft models, in vitro cell based assays, highly dimension single cell phenotyping, molecular biology and biochemistry, DNA regulation, transcriptomics, epigenetics, and DNA repair. In recent years, TFL has placed emphasis on the development of new technologies and their use to address fundamental questions in the control of cell growth and differentiation, aging, and gene regulation.

Blood Cancer

Working with innovative model systems and patients our research addresses the root causes of leukemias and myeloma and is developing new tools for their diagnosis, characterization and treatment.

Genome Dynamics

Genes influence every aspect of human biology and disease. We are studying how our genes and genomes are faithfully maintained as we age and the complex ways in which they are regulated to control development or are dysregulated during cancer formation.

Stem Cells

Stem cells are critical components in healthy aging and tumour suppression since they enable the development and maintenance of adult tissues. We are working to understand how stem cell properties enable blood, breast and liver development and how these properties are co-opted in cancers.

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Dec 05, 2022

BCCF Innovation Support Fund Awardees

The BCCF Innovation Support Fund Awardees are:

  • Ly Vu & Christian Steidl - equipment: Bio-Rad ChemiDoc Imaging System
  • Pamela Hoodless - equipment: Thermo EVOS M5000 Cell Imaging Microscope

The BC Cancer Foundation, in partnership with BC Cancer, established the Innovation Support Fund competition in 2010 to enable the acquisition of equipment essential to conducting research. 

Recent Publications

Single-cell profiling reveals a memory B cell-like subtype of follicular lymphoma with increased transformation risk.

Nature communications, 2022
Wang, Xuehai, Nissen, Michael, Gracias, Deanne, Kusakabe, Manabu, Simkin, Guillermo, Jiang, Aixiang, Duns, Gerben, Sarkozy, Clementine, Hilton, Laura, Chavez, Elizabeth A, Segat, Gabriela C, Wong, Rachel, Kim, Jubin, Aoki, Tomohiro, Islam, Rashedul, May, Christina, Hung, Stacy, Tyshchenko, Kate, Brinkman, Ryan R, Hirst, Martin, Karsan, Aly, Freeman, Ciara, Sehn, Laurie H, Morin, Ryan D, Roth, Andrew J, Savage, Kerry J, Craig, Jeffrey W, Shah, Sohrab P, Steidl, Christian, Scott, David W, Weng, Andrew P
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