Our mission is to improve population health and patient outcomes through interdisciplinary research along the cancer control continuum: from prevention and screening; diagnosis, treatment and supportive care; through to rehabilitation, survivorship and end of life care. CCR operates research programs aimed at:

  • Reducing cancer incidence, morbidity and mortality
  • Improving population health and patient outcomes
  • Enhancing quality of life and wellbeing among cancer survivors
  • Improving the sustainability of cancer systems
  • Reducing inequalities in access to cancer interventions

How We Support

CCR conducts population studies to determine the proportion and prevalence of cancer cases in Canada that could be prevented through changes in the lifestyle behaviours, occupational exposures, and genetic and environmental factors. We work closely with many ‘omics based research programs at BC Cancer as well as playing key roles in large international consortia through the International Agency for Research in Cancer (IARC) and national cancer registries. CCR conducts interdisciplinary research into health services and policy questions that examine access to cancer care, and the quality and effectiveness of cancer control programs. We work directly with BC Cancer Clinical and Screening Programs to help optimize the delivery of cancer services for all people within BC. Our research extends into developing effective methods for patient and public engagement, as well as follow up care to help cancer survivors thrive in the community.
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