Brain PET sim

A C+Matlab-based PET simulation and reconstruction software, enabling realistic brain simulations, e.g. dynamic PiB PET imaging on the High Resolution Research Tomograph (HRRT).


You can freely access the software, here. For any questions or feedback, please contact:


  • Analytic simulation of (dynamic) PET sinograms
  • Begins with realistic computational human brain phantom
  • Enables realistic, noisy simulations
  • Statistical PET image reconstruction using 3D ordered-subset expectation maximization (OS-EM) algorithm
  • Incorporate attenuation and normalization modeling
  • Can simulate dynamic PET studies, with an initial table of kinetic K values; e.g. our default example performs dynamic PiB PET studies


Please use the following reference if you publish results with help from this software tool:
A. Rahmim, Y. Zhou, J. Tang, L. Lu, V. Sossi, and D. F. Wong
Direct 4D parametric imaging for linearized models of reversibly binding PET tracers using generalized AB-EM reconstruction
Phys. Med. Biol., vol. 57, pp. 733-755, 2012.

Technical Description:

The various steps are controlled via Matlab Code. The PET forward projection and reconstruction steps are performed using C code. Please consult README file for details.

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