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We aim to provide a training and mentoring environment to help discover the potentials within each member of our team, to reach their best and to become the next generation of global experts.

Our research emphasizes four dimensions: 1) Innovation; 2) Communication; 3) Collaboration; 4) Translation.

Our core values are: 1) Integrity; 2) Circle of safety and trust; 3) Openness and curiosity; 4) Optimism and perseverance; 5) Creativity; 6) Teamwork; 7) Scientific excellence.

We pursue interdisciplinary research towards enhanced quantitative nuclear medicine (radiomolecular) imaging (PET & SPECT). Coupled with our provincial functional imaging and therapy program, we emphasize partnerships with other collaborators, clinical sites and industry, aiming to translate our image generation and analysis methods (including artificial intelligence) to state-of-the-art patient care and to impact quality of life. Our efforts include:

  • Quantitative PET imaging methods for enhanced diagnosis, prognosis and treatment response assessment of cancer patients (e.g. prostate cancer, lymphoma, lung cancer, …)
  • Quantitative SPECT-based dosimetry in molecular radiotherapy of cancer patients (also known as radionuclide, radioligand or radiopharmaceutical therapy)
  • Radiomics and machine learning methods as applied to PET and SPECT imaging of cancer
  • Building of digital twins for our cancer patients towards improved personalized healthcare planning anddelivery
  • Tumor growth modeling and linkage with imaging features (radiomics)
  • Anthropomorphic phantom studies
  • Optimization of clinical PET & SPECT imaging protocols
  • Development of routine clinical workflows involving advanced imaging (including AI based methods)
  • Dynamic whole-body PET/CT imaging
  • Statistical image reconstruction algorithms
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