Post-doctoral fellows

We have multiple openings for post-doc fellow. For more detail and to apply (no emails), please go to the following page, and follow the links there to apply if you qualify: openings page

Graduate Students

We are actively recruiting talented MSc and PhD students via University of British Columbia (UBC) Physics (including Medical Physics), Biomedical Engineering (BME), and Interdisciplinary Oncology Program (IOP). To be considered in advance by us, you can apply here.

If joining via UBC Physics, please see Graduate Program Financial Information (including information on RA and TA funding for graduate students, and tuition remission for PhD students; in our lab, we may provide the added benefit/option of financially covering half of the TA load for added time towards research).

If joining via UBC BME, please see information on Graduate Student Tuition & Funding.

We are also open to exchange graduate studies; we have had multiple graduate students stay with us for different durations of time (e.g. few months, one year) in the course of their studies to pursue joint research efforts.

Undergraduate Students

We also actively recruit undergrad students. This includes co-op students, which we involve with projects that are experimental (e.g. realistic phantom studies), computational (e.g. AI-based image processing, bio-mathematical modeling) or both. We also welcome students pursuing honours thesis projects (e.g. UBC Phys 449 or Phys 409).

If you are interested to join our team:

Please email (and mention you are interested to join Qurit lab), and provide your resume/CV, 2) transcript of all grades, 3) zipped folder containing publications (journal and/or conference), and 4) any reference letters. Alternatively, if you are interested in graduate studies, you can instead apply here.

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