We're excited to share 8 of our recorded presentations that were accepted and presented at the 2021 Annual Congress of the European Association of Nuclear Medicine (EANM) (October 20-23):

  • J. Brosch-Lenz, A. Gosewisch, F. Völter, L. Kaiser, P. Bartenstein, S. Ziegler, A. Rahmim, C. Uribe, G. Böning
    Validation of a simplified single time point image-based dosimetry approach for 177Lu-PSMA therapy
  • C. Miller, J. Rousseau, J. Crawford, B. Miller, F. Bénard, A. Rahmim, C. Uribe
    Quantitative ex vivo imaging of 225Ac with the iQID alpha camera
  • C. Miller, G. Chaussé, J. Brosch-Lenz, F. Bénard, A. Rahmim, C. Uribe
    The impact of cell shape on the doses delivered to the nucleus from 177Lu-labelled radiotracers
  • Y. Farag, R. de Schaetzen, G. Chaussé, F. Yousefirizi, I. Klyuzhin, A. Rahmim, C. Uribe
    A Fully automated method for bladder segmentation in PSMA PET/CT scans
  • G. Chaussé, I. Bloise, N. Colpo, I. Klyuzhin, F. Yousefi, J. Brosch-Lenz, S. Probst, A. Rahmim, C. Uribe, F. Bénard
    A 3-minute semi-automated PSMA PET organ segmentation method to use in the clinic and train neural networks
  • Y. Xu, I. Klyuzhin, S. Harsini, A. Ortiz, A. Rahmim, J. L. Ferres
    Automatic lesion detection and segmentation in PSMA PET/CT images using deep neural networks
  • R. Fedrigo, R. Coope, I. Bloise, C. Gowdy, A. Rahmim, C. Uribe
    Negative-cast modelling for oncology (NCMO) – development of a novel technique for casting radioactive tumour models
  • R. Fedrigo, R. Coope, A. Rahmim, F. Bénard, C. Uribe
    The Canadian PET phantom for prostate oncology (C3PO) – a multimodality imaging phantom for 18F-PSMA harmonization
  • F. Yousefirizi, I. Bloise, P. Martineau, D. Wilson, F. Benard, T. Bradshaw, A. Rahmim, C. Uribe
    Reproducibility of a semi-automatic gradient-based segmentation approach for lymphoma PET
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