We offer a range of services that can be matched to your needs.

Consultation & Advice

We offer a range of services to assist researchers in the set up and operation of their own research collections (biobanks) including staff education and training.

We work with any type of human biobank – regardless of size, type of specimens collected, or user served. 

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Services include:

  • Operations, Management and Administration of Biobanks
  • Ethics and regulatory application preparation
  • Conducting a privacy impact assessment (PIA)
  • Budget proposals and business planning
  • Biospecimen processing, storage and retrieval infrastructure
  • Facilities design and management advice
  • Biobank database requirements, system design and customization
  • Other

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We offer biobank training to match your needs.

BBRS training


In all aspects of biobanking processes through in-person onsite training at the TTR.


We offer consent training in group, workshop or face to face format. Topics covered include ethics, consent processes & special considerations and informed consent protocol delivery.

Biobank database 

We offer both IT advice and solutions as well as training for users at all levels - New, Intermediate, Advanced.

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Biobank Database

Software designed to support biobanks.

CTRNet has developed and supports a biobank database called Advanced Tissue Management system (ATiM). This database system enables entering, storing and managing data about participants (e.g. clinical and demographic data) and their biospecimens (e.g. characterization, storage and shipping information) and the subsequent ability to query this data in support of core functions of any biobank. 

ATiM is available for free download for non-commercial use. Basic support is provided to academic users and the opportunity to join the ATiM user group . 

Full customization of ATiM is also offered through a service contract model.

Get more information and an online demo of the ATiM software here

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