We are a provincial program that provides services, support, and advice to researchers and biobanks on accessing, collecting, and utilizing human biospecimens and associated data for health research.

Our Research Platform

Our research platform draws on a collaborative network of clinicians and health care professionals working to engage with patients and to provide biospecimens and information to support translational cancer research in BC, Canada, and globally.

Through this research platform we provide: 

  • our collection of banked biospecimens that can be selected by researchers and our custom prospective collection services for specific research projects (the Tumour Tissue Repository (TTR) unit)
  • advice, training, education, and contract biobanking setup services to researchers and institutions wishing to set up their own collections (the BBRS services unit)
  • oversight of the implementation of national biobanking practice standards and international certification programs offered through the Biobank Resource Centre (the Canadian Tissue Repository Network (CTRNet) Biospecimen Quality platform unit)


Advancing the efficiency and impact of biomedical research and data using human biospecimens.

Providing exceptional support and education on all aspects of biobanking globally.


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