The TTR supports scientists by providing high quality human samples and de-identified data for cancer research. There are 3 kinds of users who are interested in using the TTR samples for research:

  • Academics affiliated with BC Cancer and university institutions who are funded by academic sources
  • Academics sponsored and funded in whole or in part from industry or commercial sources through a range of mechanisms that support academic research
  • Industry users

The TTR is especially interested in working with the first two kinds of users but may support direct purpose minimal risk industry applications to access the TTR for research purposes. All researchers that apply to use TTR samples need to have approval from the local research ethics board to check they are safe. The TTR has an Access Committee that reviews applications for TTR samples to ensure they are scientifically worthwhile.  In addition, Industry applications will also be reviewed by the BC Cancer Technology Development Office.

The TTR’s first release of tissue and data for research was in 2009 and to date 56 studies have or are currently being supported. 

Samples and data have been released for research from the following tumour types:

The TTR remains active in the science of biobanking and collaborates within the BBRS to publish relevant and timely papers.

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