BC Cancer Research Histology and Digital Imaging Core

BASIC’s mission is to serve the research pathology needs of the BC Cancer Research Institute and BC Cancer, thereby supporting tissue-based biomarker research and precision oncology while enabling a broader capacity for translational research, genomic medicine and novel, diagnostic and therapeutic procedures for British Columbians.

The BASIC lab will facilitate a coordinated, institutional approach to the following research support processes:  handling of tissue biopsies for histopathological workup, including embedding (formalin and OCT), tissue sectioning (FFPE and Cryo), tissue staining (H&E), tissue microarray building, immunohistochemistry, as well as digital pathology for research purposes. 

Pricing (internal link) - Download pdf.

Email - basic@bccrc.ca for more information or any concerns.

Requisition form - Download pdf. Please fill in the left hand side columns and attached to your samples when dropping off.

  • Make sure all information is legible.
  • Research groups are responsible for their own research ethics and a REB # must be included.

Turnaround time – Dependant on complexity of work, staff & equipment availability.

  • Typically 2-3 weeks.
  • TMAs and antibody workups usually 1 month.

Acceptable samples – Must be accompanied with a requisition form that includes sample type, work requested, cost centre, name and email of requestor.  Identifiers on the sample or sample container must match the information on the requisition form.

Rejected samples – Requestor will be contacted by email if samples are rejected.

  • Unlabelled or improperly labeled
  • No requisition attached
  • Radioactive /CJD / HIV/ TB samples.

Staff-operated equipment include a cryostat (Sakura Tissue-Tek Cryo3), autostainer (Sakura Tissue-Tek Prisma), IHC platform (Roche Benchmark Discovery XT), paraffin embedding station (Sakura Tissue-Tek), tissue processor (Sakura Histo-Tek), microtomes and a slide scanner (Zeiss Axioscan 7).

All procedures are performed under the supervision of Dr David Scott, Medical Director, with Dr Stephen Yip as the alternate Medical Director and Dr Calum MacAulay as Operations Director. 

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