Biobanking & Biospecimen Research Services (BBRS)



Team Members


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Dr. Peter WatsonDirector

Sindy Babinszky - Biospecimen Project Coordinator

Simon DeeIT Manager 

Kate Lawrence - Research Assistant ll

Jodi LeBlancConsent Nurse 

Sheila O’Donoghue - Co-Biobank Leader 

Tamsin Tarling - Co-Biobank Leader

DRC Support

BBRS book stack

David Bond - Research Operations Lead

Deeley Research Centre - Finance  


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  • Active biobank (TTR) established 2004
  • Established as OBER 2011
  • Led development of Essentials of Biobanking course 2011
  • Opened Biobank Resource Center 2013
  • Enrolled 6,000th participant 2017 in biobank
  • Prospective custom collections initiated 2017
  • Launched EdX course 2017 


  • Established 2004
  • Created CTRNet national biobank standards 2011
  • Completed 25th install of ATiM database system 2015
  • Enrolled 100th biobank in biobank certification program 2016


BBRS lab slides

Dr. Anne-Marie Mes-Masson Co-Lead CTRNet

Tamsin Tarling CTRNet Program Leader

Nicolas Luc CTRNet ATiM Project Lead

Manon de Ladurantaye CTRNet Research Assistant

Dr. Tunde Adegbola Pathologist TTR

Stakeholders & Collaborators

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Thank you to all the participants, clinical and hospital staff, stakeholders, and funders who support cancer research and make our work possible.

The BC Public and ...

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