New study finds that cancer-causing proteins in Ewing sarcoma and prostate carcinoma prompt tumour cells to release certain RNAs to turn off the immune response

A recent study published in the Journal of Clinical Investigation found that certain cancer-causing proteins can switch on parts of a person’s genetic material that were previously inactive, potentially contributing to the development and progression of Ewing sarcoma and prostate cancer. This finding helps researchers understand why the environment around a tumour may cause inflammation and suppress the immune system, which can make it challenging to successfully treat solid tumours with immunotherapy. 

Recipients of the 2024 BC Cancer Clinician Researcher Start Up Competition Announced

We are excited to announce the recipients of round one of the inaugural BC Cancer Clinician Researcher Start Up Competition. The competition will help facilitate stand-alone research projects for clinician researchers at BC Cancer that will support future grant or investigator-initiated studies to be funded by other organizations. 

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