Facilitating the research of numerous nationally and internationally recognized scientists, in over sixty labs across British Columbia, to improve cancer care.

BC Cancer Research strives to improve the lives of patients through the integration of basic biomedical research, genomics, clinical trials, health services research, cancer surveillance, population health, and the development of innovative new technology, programs, and interventions. Organized through departments and programs with various themes, BC Cancer supports groundbreaking cancer research and personalized care approaches through world-class facilities and platforms including genomics, bioinformatics, imaging, drug development and tissue banking.

Our Research

The success of BC Cancer is driven by the people and their passion to reduce the impact of cancer on people and society. Our 2019 Research Report showcases how BC Cancer continues to be internationally recognized for our excellence in cancer research and its integrated model of cancer planning and care. 

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February 19, 2021

2021 BC Cancer Research Studentships Notice and Application Form

Summer research studentships sponsored by the BC Cancer Foundation will be available to support senior undergraduate university students and/or junior medical or dental students seeking hands-on training in cancer research in British Columbia during the period of May 1 - August 31, 2021. These summer studentships may address any discipline of cancer research including clinical, translational, basic, behavioural and population research areas.

Research Recovery Resources

BC Cancer Research is taking a gradual and careful approach to re-opening research activities to protect our staff, patients and communities.

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Our Strategic Plan

Our Strategic Plan outlines our direction to strengthen our research capabilities and collaboration with departments and partners to improve our ability to generate knowledge, enhance the impact of our research, and support innovation in clinical care.  

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The transcriptional landscape of Shh medulloblastoma

Nature Communications, 2021
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