Key Dates:

Key Dates

Review Process and Criteria:

Applications will be reviewed by a committee. Grants will be given based on research proposal quality and relevance and team members’ experience and expertise.

Criterion & Weighting Table

Grant Evaluation Criteria*

Research project

  • Research question clarity.
  • Appropriateness and clarity of the research design.
  • Appropriateness and clarity of the research methods.

Project relevance and potential impact

  • Relevance: addresses a need or gap in the cancer care system.
  • Impact: potential contribution to improving health services, practice and patient experience and outcomes for those affected by cancer.
  • Clear and appropriate knowledge mobilization plan.

Team member expertise and experience

  • Qualifications, experience and ability of the applicant(s) to carry out the proposed research project.
  • Inclusion of nursing and/or allied health professionals in developing and executing the proposed research.
    • Note: At least one BC Cancer nursing and allied health provider must be included as a co-investigator.

Evaluation Criteria

Application Package Documents:

To apply for the 2023 BC Cancer Nursing and Allied Health Research Grant Competition please download the application package documents:

Email for a copy of the BC Cancer Cover Sheet for the Signature Package.

For more information on the definition of Primary Investigator (PI) including who is eligible for PI status at BC Cancer, view the "BC Cancer Research Ethics- Who Can Be a Principle Investigator on a BC Cancer Research Project policy" on the BC Cancer REB page here.   

The NAHRKT team is available throughout the competition cycle to help staff interested in submitting an application. Please email with any questions or to obtain word versions of the application package. 


CIHR (2009, July, 29). Revised Grants Evaluation Criteria – Criteria and Factors. CIHR.

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