• Undergraduate Leadership Projects
    • Opportunities are available to students enrolled in a university program which requires a completion of a group leadership project. These projects will be developed in collaboration with our department, the student team, and the academic institution. If you are interested in collaborating with our team please contact us at research.kt@bccancer.bc.ca
  • Co-op Programs
    • Students enrolled in university co-op programs such as those at University of British Columbia, University of Victoria or Simon Fraser University may apply to undertake a work term in the Nursing & Allied Health Research & Knowledge Translation department. Check your institutions Co-op job board for current opportunities.
  • Summer Studentships
    • A limited number of summer positions for undergraduate students may be available. These are dependent on the receipt by the candidate of a competitive summer Studentship funded by the BC Cancer Foundation.
    • Deadline for the 2024 studentship competition is March 11, 2024. For more information check out the 2024 BC Cancer Research Studentship Notice and Application


Current Undergraduate Students

Undergraduate Projects

  • Canadian Nutrition Society's 2024 Annual Conference infographic competition:

    • These infographics were created for the Canadian Nutrition Society's 2024 Annual Conference infographic competition. Infographics provide an excellent visual platform to communicate nutrition and health concepts in an efficient, easy to interpret, creative, and colourful way.  They offer an excellent opportunity to share evidence-based information with healthcare professionals working with patients, as well as to communicate directly to the public (e.g. as posters in public spaces and on social media).

    • "Intermittent fasting: Who is it really for?" - Infographic by Kyle Fernandez

    • "Chrononutrition: When should we eat?" - Infographic by Greg Moore

  • UBC-Okanagan School of Nursing Leadership Project:

    • Students from the UBC-Okanagan BSN program used the findings from the To Share or Not to Share manuscript to complete the capstone project of their nursing leadership course. They were tasked with designing a KT strategy aimed at direct care nurses. Their project resulted in a two-fold KT strategy which included the creation of a laynyard card that summarized key findings, and a whiteboard video you can check out below:

  • UBC Undergraduate Research Opportunities (URO) Research EXperience (REX) Program 2022-2023:

    • The REX Program exposes undergraduate students to the research world. Four undergraduates from the Faculty of Land and Food Systems and one from the Faculty of Science were mentored by Eleah Stringer to develop their research skills, and present at one of BC’s largest undergraduate research conferences, the Multidisciplinary Undergraduate Research Conference (MURC) as well as various groups at BC Cancer.

    • MURC Poster_Presentation.pdf

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