The learning collaborative is a bi-monthly opportunity facilitated by your team in the Nursing and Allied Health Research and Knowledge Translation department. The purpose of this collaborative is to provide a regular forum where clinicians across the nursing and allied health disciplines can come together for shared learning and knowledge mobilization.

The topic, approach and format of each session will vary, including:

  • Work in progress seminars where clinicians/researchers share new proposals or projects underway
  • Evidence-based practice case studies to demonstrate research and knowledge translation in action
  • Research and Knowledge Translation expert panels
  • Research results presentations where clinicians/researchers share project outcomes and results
  • Practical 'how-to' sessions to support research and knowledge translation capacity building in front-line clinicians

To share your work at an upcoming Learning Collaborative session or for questions please reach out to us at

Upcoming Session

Last year, a pilot project ran at BC Cancer Kelowna that trialed the use of remote patient monitoring (RPM) for immunotherapy patients. RPM utilizes scheduled online questionnaires and Bluetooth-enabled vital sign equipment to allow health and symptom monitoring from home. This project modelled primary care nursing and the use of RPM to assist in monitoring this complex patient population. In the Learning Collaborative session, you will be informed about the outcomes of our pilot, as well as the process to create the questionnaires and monitoring schedule, and to monitor plans for patients receiving treatment or experiencing irAEs. For an opportunity to learn more, please join Nicole Hudson & Stephanie Townsend on June 7th, 2023 at 12:00 PM.

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Past Sessions

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