Pilot Study Using an Online Patient-Reported Outcome Measures Portal to Optimize Breast Cancer Follow-up Care

Most breast cancer cells (70-75%) have estrogen and/or progesterone receptors, and can be treated with 5-10 years of anti-hormonal therapy to prevent breast cancer from growing. However, many breast cancer patients (40-50%) do not take their recommended daily anti-hormonal therapy, which could potentially increase their risk of dying by 49%. Main reasons women do not take anti-hormonal medications are unpleasant side effects and lack of access to effective follow-up care. To better support women, the After Breast Cancer (ABC) clinic was created by BC Cancer and BC Women’s Hospital.

Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research C2 Grant Award

Together with her team, Dr. Leah Lambert, executive director and senior scientist, Nursing and Allied Health Research and Knowledge Translation will be working with Dr. Michael McKenzie and UBC nursing professor Dr. Sally Thorne on the project planning to enhance capacity for equity-oriented cancer care in B.C. This project is about bringing together researchers, health care providers, leaders in health policy and service delivery, knowledge users and patient and family partners to discuss health and health care equity as it relates to cancer care.

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