Clinical trials are a necessary step in cutting-edge research aimed at identifying life-extending and life-saving patient treatments, finding safer and more effective treatments, and improving quality of life for those living with and after cancer. 

We are in an era of exciting discoveries and are benefiting from technologies which will help us better identify cancer risk, prevent or detect cancer, cure or treat many cancers more successfully, as well as potentially harness the immune system to improve cancer outcomes.

Much if not all risk is mitigated through initial discoveries during pre-clinical trials research, the careful and conscientious design of early phase trials, and the expertise and care of clinical trialists.

Patients who are treated at centres that perform clinical trials have better outcomes (regardless of whether the patient participates in a trial or not).  

All six regional centres at BC Cancer participate in clinical trials; therefore, patients may be offered a clinical trial as one treatment option depending on eligibility and availability of matching studies.

Participation in clinical trials is voluntary, and patients are encouraged to discuss all treatment options with a member of their health care team before deciding which method best suits them.  

For further information, or to inquire about a clinical trial, please speak to your oncologist.

For more information on participation in clinical trials:


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