Congratulations to the BC Cancer researchers who are recipients of the 2023 Canadian Cancer Society Challenge Grants Competition.

The grants provided through the competition support cancer research projects across the cancer continuum and across disciplines, with an ultimate goal of solving a problem in cancer that is meaningful to people affected by or at risk of cancer. Applications were accepted from the four pillars of health research – biomedical, clinical, health services, and social, cultural, environmental, and population health. 

This year, there are six recipients who are affiliated with BC Cancer Research:

1)    Dr. Kevin Bennewith, $510,000
Improving responses to immunotherapy 

2)    Dr. Kristin Campbell, $521,791
Improving supportive care for people with breast cancer

3)    Dr. Cathie Garnis, $442,450
A blood test for earlier detection of recurrent head and neck cancer 

4)    Dr. Cheryl Peters, $517,077
Combating online misinformation about cancer causes and prevention

5)    Dr. Christian Steidl, $524,878
Improving understanding of a rare type of lymphoma 

6)    Dr. Isabella Tai, $525,000
Using artificial intelligence to identify people at risk of early onset colorectal cancer 

Find more information on 2023 recipients and projects here. Congratulations to this year’s recipients!

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