Eleah (she/her) has been a dietitian at BC Cancer- Victoria since 2014. Her research, funded by Michael Smith Health Research BC, the Lotte & John Hecht Memorial Foundation, and the BC Cancer Foundation investigates diet interventions that trigger metabolic adaptions with potential implications in cancer prevention and control. She is currently leading a series of trials alongside Dr. Nicol Macpherson, Medical Oncologist at BC Cancer- Victoria, and Dr. Julian Lum, Senior Scientist at BC Cancer’s Deeley Research Centre.

Inspired by patient-identified information needs, Eleah is also coordinating the development of a decision support tool for patients with head and neck cancer, as a collaboration between BCC and the University of Victoria. Based in relational and patient-oriented methodologies, she’s keen to further engage and collaborate with patients, community, and academia.


Intermittent Fasting Oncology Studies

Does when we eat make a difference to our health? We know that food choices can impact cancer risk but what if the timing plays a role as well? Over several decades, overconsumption of food has contributed to an increase in a number of diseases, including cancer. What if this could be reversed, or slowed down, by fasting? Would that improve how people with cancer respond to chemotherapy? Could simply changing eating patterns to reduce overall intake be a way to prevent and/or manage cancer?

Head and Neck Cancer Application for Patients and their Partners (HANC APP) Study

Treatment for head and neck cancer (HNC) can include surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, and/or immunotherapy which may cause side effects (e.g. difficulty chewing, swallowing, talking) that can last a lifetime, impacting quality of life. When provided options, it can be hard for patients to pick a treatment plan if they don’t fully understand the options available and/or possible side effects.

Selected Publications

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