Professor, Medical Genetics, University of British Columbia

Professor, School of Biomedical Engineering, University of British Columbia

Director, BCCRI Integrated Mouse Modelling Services (IMMS

Faculty Member, Genome Science & Technology Graduate Program, University of British Columbia

Faculty Member, Developmental and Cell Biology, University of British Columbia

Associate Member, Bioinformatics Training Program, CIHR

My laboratory uses state of the art genomic technologies to shed new light on classical processes in developmental biology. We are exploring regulatory mechanisms in heart and gastrointestinal tract development in the mouse embryo using genome-wide analysis of gene expression, transcription factor binding, and histone modifications. To learn more about our the focus of our research, visit our lab page

Selected Publications

Tumor-associated antigen PRAME exhibits dualistic functions that are targetable in diffuse large B cell lymphoma.

The Journal of clinical investigation, 2022
Takata, Katsuyoshi, Chong, Lauren C, Ennishi, Daisuke, Aoki, Tomohiro, Li, Michael Yu, Thakur, Avinash, Healy, Shannon, Viganò, Elena, Dao, Tao, Kwon, Daniel, Duns, Gerben, Nielsen, Julie S, Ben-Neriah, Susana, Tse, Ethan, Hung, Stacy S, Boyle, Merrill, Mun, Sung Soo, Bourne, Christopher M, Woolcock, Bruce, Telenius, Adèle, Kishida, Makoto, Rai, Shinya, Zhang, Allen W, Bashashati, Ali, Saberi, Saeed, D'Antonio, Gianluca, Nelson, Brad H, Shah, Sohrab P, Hoodless, Pamela A, Melnick, Ari M, Gascoyne, Randy D, Connors, Joseph M, Scheinberg, David A, Béguelin, Wendy, Scott, David W, Steidl, Christian
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