Recently, the NAHRKT team conducted a comprehensive survey of BC Cancer Nursing and Allied Health (NAH) clinicians to gain insights into the current landscape of NAH research and KT. A total of 84 participants responded to the survey, which sought to unravel the perspectives and perceptions surrounding research activities at BC Cancer.

The graph below summarizes the key learning needs and the desired resources identified in the spring 2022 survey among BC Cancer staff. Click on the slide to access the PDF version. 

Engagement Survey Results

NAHRKT Progress and Initiatives

To address the barriers and needs identified by clinicians, NAHRKT has made significant strides. We have implemented specific resources and supportive infrastructure to foster increased participation in research activities.


Introductory research and KT training:

  • We are committed to enhancing and expanding the Practice-Based Research Challenge by strengthening point-of-care-research infrastructure and broadening the community of trainees, instructors, and peer reviewers.
  • KT training opportunities for nurses and allied health professionals will be facilitated through special partnerships and peer-to-peer sessions as part of the Learning Collaborative.

Graduate-level training opportunities

  • We actively collaborate with university training programs, health system organizations, and funders to host graduate-level trainees. In 2022, NAHRKT supported six BC Cancer clinicians in graduate programs with mentorship and experiential learning opportunities.


  • Since its launch in the fall of 2021, our website has been a hub of ongoing improvement and expansion to better serve clinicians' research and KT skill development needs. Feel free to explore our website here to access a range of valuable resources.

Addressing barriers

  • We have created innovative roles and trainee opportunities that provide protected time for clinicians for leading and participating in research and KT projects.
  • Efforts are underway to establish financial and human resource processes that provide access to additional paid research and KT opportunities, fostering an academic environment for health professionals to enhance their research and KT skills.

In the coming five years, our mission is to build research and KT capacity that positions BC Cancer as an internationally recognized center of excellence for oncology nursing and allied health research. Key priorities include cultivating a culture of innovation and scholarly practice built on research excellence, KT, and evidence-informed decision-making. These initiatives aim to advance clinical practice and expedite the implementation of research findings across all levels of the health system.

For more information, or if you are interested in collaborating with our team please reach out to us at

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