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The Nursing and Allied Health Research and Knowledge Translation department promotes innovation and excellence in interprofessional research and knowledge mobilization to drive evidence-informed improvements in care, better patient outcomes and increased system performance.

Nurses and allied health professionals bring distinct perspectives informed by practice expertise and an approach to research that guides knowledge generation toward relevant and meaningful problems. Our team operates at the intersection of science, practice and policy. This is where we can have the most impact and ensure researchers and decision-makers work together to identify and tackle complex health-related challenges.

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Mar 14, 2023

Breaking Down Language Barriers to Radiation Therapy Patient Education

​​​​​A cancer diagnosis can cause anxiety and fear for patients and their families. This can be heightened when faced with all of the treatment options, such as Radiation Therapy (RT), and diagnostic tests. Research shows that most patients know very little about RT, so it is important to ensure patients have the information they need prior to treatment.

Bonnie Leung receives funding from the Canadian Institute of Health Research

BC Cancer nurse practitioner receives Health Systems Impact Fellowship, a program that supports researchers working with health organizations to gain hands-on experience tackling health system challenges.

BC Cancer nurses shine at the 2022 CANO/ACIO Conference

Multiple BC Cancer nurses were recognized for their exemplary clinical and academic work at the 2022 CANO/ACIO conference.

2022 BC Cancer Practice-based Research Challenge announces funding for five teams

The BC Cancer Practice-based Research Challenge is an innovative approach to research training that empowers teams of BC Cancer staff to identify clinical questions at the point of care and find evidence-informed answers through research.

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