Nhu Le is a Distinguished Scientist with research interests in biostatistics, statistical genetics, time series and spatial statistics with emphasis on application to genetics and environmental cancer epidemiology, including gene-environment interactions. Issues arising from environmental studies have led to the development of a theory for spatial interpolation. The work allows for the development of spatial prediction distributions for regions with no monitoring stations using data available at only a few monitoring stations. This theory is particularly useful in environmental cancer epidemiology where pollution data are available only at a few locations. Another consequence of this work is the development of methods for redesigning environmental monitoring network where one may want to with extend or contract an existing network where one may want to either extend or contract an existing network. Various theoretical extensions of the theory and their potential applications are being explored. In particular, the methodology will be used in the on-going case-control study to identify environmental risk factors and gene-environment interactions in cancer.

Nhu Le is also an author of a R software package EnviroStat: Statistical Analysis of Environmental Space-Time Processes. 



Department of Statistics, Faculty of Science, University of British Columbia



PhD. in Statistics, University of Washington

MSc. in Statistics, University of British Columbia

BSc. in Computer Science and Mathematics, University of British Columbia


Selected Publications

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