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Cancer Control Research (CCR) conducts internationally recognized research on cancer etiology, prevention and surveillance; screening and early detection; diagnosis, treatment and supportive care; through to rehabilitation and survivorship.


This includes research into the epidemiological, biological, behavioral, social determinants of cancer risk; cancer surveillance and early detection; evidence based medicine, clinical trials research and real world effectiveness; improving patient satisfaction and health outcomes; precision medicine and its impact on society; patient and public engagement; the cost-effectiveness of cancer interventions; and cancer survivorship.

The Department is a critical part of the Learning Health System in BC. It directly supports BC Cancer by integrating population based research within BC’s population based comprehensive cancer control program.

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Drs. Maryam Darvishian and Parveen Bhatti published in Journal of Medical Virology on the association between markers of immune response at hospital admission and COVID‐19 disease severity and mortality

Congratulations to Drs. Maryam Darvishian and Parveen Bhatti of Cancer Control Research for having their paper entitled “Association between markers of immune response at hospital admission and COVID‐19 disease severity and mortality: A meta‐analysis and meta‐regression” accepted by the Journal of Medical Virology.

Recent Publications

Methylome-wide association study provides evidence of particulate matter air pollution-associated DNA methylation.

Environment international, 2019
Gondalia, Rahul, Baldassari, Antoine, Holliday, Katelyn M, Justice, Anne E, Méndez-Giráldez, Raúl, Stewart, James D, Liao, Duanping, Yanosky, Jeff D, Brennan, Kasey J M, Engel, Stephanie M, Jordahl, Kristina M, Kennedy, Elizabeth, Ward-Caviness, Cavin K, Wolf, Kathrin, Waldenberger, Melanie, Cyrys, Josef, Peters, Annette, Bhatti, Parveen, Horvath, Steve, Assimes, Themistocles L, Pankow, James S, Demerath, Ellen W, Guan, Weihua, Fornage, Myriam, Bressler, Jan, North, Kari E, Conneely, Karen N, Li, Yun, Hou, Lifang, Baccarelli, Andrea A, Whitsel, Eric A
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