The BC Generations Project with Dr. Parveen Bhatti through the Canadian Partnership for Tomorrow’s Health with $2.1 million in new funding awarded by CIHR are proud to be part of a new Canadian Population Cohort COVID-19 Initiative, SUrveilling Prospective Population cOhorts for COVID-19 pRevalence and ouTcomes in Canada (SUPPORT-Canada), to advance clinical and population research to better understand, prevent and combat the spread of COVID-19. This initiative will have support from numerous research platforms, regional partners, industry collaborators, service providers and more than 90 national and international collaborators (

SUPPORT-Canada will include three core aims:

  1. Capture population and clinical-level COVID-19 data and outcomes to support personalized risk profiling, and inform adaptive public health responses;
  2. Create capacity for research in immunophenotyping, seroprevalence and host-viral genetics; and
  3. Explore genomic and comorbidity/environmental interactions in shaping the pathophysiology of COVID-19 severity and susceptibility and immunological response.

Our platform has been designed to integrate with global research efforts to support clinical, immunological and genetic studies of COVID-19. Our approach will enable rapid data sharing and translation of findings to the public health and research community.

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