IDP has expertise in the drug development of novel compounds including nanoparticle formulations and small moleculecules. 


in vivo

Tolerability / Safety Testing

Prior to performing efficacy studies in rodents or larger animals, it is critical to asses the tolerability of a novel compound using small groups of animals, with animals being closely monitored for signs of test article related morbidity.

Pharmacokinetics (Biodistribution) / Pharmacodynamics

IDP is able to assess both the action of the drug on target organs as well as metabolic and pharmacokinetic drug parameters through provision of a wide range of services in rodents; including  assessment of plasma/serum/ blood and tissue drug levels over time after administration, Organs and tissues may be collected for analysis by LC (liquid chromatography) or radiographic (or other) means to determine drug and metabolite levels. These studies will define the pharmacynamic behaviours of new medicines, where toxicology or efficacy can be correlated to drug distribution and elimination.

Model Development

IDP has extensive expertise in the development of new tumour models including, subcutaneous (flank, lower back), orthotopic (mammary fat pad, intracranial, other) and syngeneic. 


IDP provides professional, SOP-driven preclinical services specializing in human xenograft (orthotopic) and murine (syngeneic) tumour models for screening new drug candidates for anti-cancer efficacy. The xenograft models are based on successful transplantations of human cancer tissue into immuno-compromised mice. Currently a number of validated cancer models (syngeneic and human) are available. 

In Vivo Imaging

IDP has the capability of imaging bioluminescence and fluorescence for your in vivo subjects. Our capability has been successfully used to measure and assess disease throughout the course of a study. Disease localization, burden and progression, as well as, response to treatment can all be measured and monitored using our special equipment and techniques.

  • Fluorescence  / Bioluminescence Imaging
  • microPET/CT Imaging

Small Animal Radiation Research Platform (SARRP)

IDP has the capability of delivering CT – guided irradiation, alone and in combination with other drugs. SARRP has been developed to match the standard of care for radiation treatments in a preclinical setting.


For general inquiries about your preclinical development needs, please contact Dr. Nancy Dos Santos.

Dr. Nancy Dos Santos , PhD, MBA

Director, Investigational Drug Program
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