IDP provides integrated and versatile in vitro testing services. These services are customizable to meet the Sponsor's needs for your of research projects. Cell analysis services which are provided include clonogenicity, cytotoxicity, molecular endpoints (ELISA, Western Blots etc), High Content Screening (HCS) imaging acquisition and analysis platform for cell based assays using IN Cell Analyzer, and real-time kinetic live-cell analysis (IncuCyte) for cell based assays.


A clonogenicity assay (aka. colony forming assay) is a  technique to study the effectiveness of novel agents on the survival and proliferation of cells in soft agar. It is frequently used in cancer research to determine the effect of drugs or radiation on proliferating tumour cells. It can also be used to sort mixed cell populations.


Including MTT, MTS, PrestoBlue cytotoxicity testing using cell cultures offers a rapid readout of the potential of novel compound to have on anti-cancer activity. These tests use mitochondrial activity or DNA content as readout of activity and may be correlated to percent cell kill or growth inhibition.

High Content Analysis (IN Cell Analyzer)

Image acquisition and analysis platform for cell-based assays for research and drug discovery. This technology allows you to simultaneously analyze morphological parameters, as well as multiple markers within the same cell. Common uses for this instrument in the lab include: live/dead cell analysis in drug screening of novel drugs or drug combinations/synergy assays and includes images of cells for your publishing needs.

IncuCyte® Live Cell Analysis

The IncuCyte® system acquires and analyzes images over time and used for analysis of migration, invasion and immune cell killing.


For General Inquiries about Preclinical Services please contact Dr. Nancy Dos Santos

Dr. Nancy Dos Santos , PhD, MBA

Director, Investigational Drug Program
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