Congratulations to Mona Sadeghvalad, Davit Khijakadze, Dr. Mona Orangi and Dr. Fumio Takei (Takei Lab), for their new publication titled, “Flow cytometric analysis of innate lymphoid cells: challenges and solutions” in the Frontiers Immunology journal, September 2023.

Abstract: Researchers from the Takei Lab have addressed challenges in identifying innate lymphoid cells (ILCs), vital components of the immune system, using innovative techniques. By employing specific cell surface markers and advanced flow cytometry, they successfully distinguished ILC populations in various tissues of B6 mice. The study emphasizes the importance of excluding contaminating cells, especially T cells, and highlights the ambiguity in defining ILC populations. The team's meticulous approach involved using distinct combinations of markers, such as Lin-NKp46+NK1.1+TCR/CD3ϵ-CD49a+CD49b- for liver ILC1s. The research underscores the heterogeneity of ILCs, emphasizing the need for tailored strategies for each population and tissue. This work marks a significant step toward accurate ILC identification and promises advancements in immunology research.

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