Congratulations to Pamela Hoodless for receiving the Stem Cell Network Impact Award and Fueling Biotechnology Partnerships Program Award.

The Impact Award supports proof-of-principle experiments, including novel therapeutic or technical approach development that will drive regenerative medicine therapies forward. Pamela was awarded for her research entitled, "Pathways of Cell Identity in Human Liver Organoids" together with co-principal investigators Francis Lynn (UBC), Gareth Sullivan (University of Oslo), Geoffrey Schiebinger (UBC), Nozomu Yachie (UBC). 

The Fueling Biotechnology Partnerships Program Award supports academic partnerships with emerging Canadian regenerative medicine biotechnology companies to bring innovative technologies or therapies to the clinic or market. Pamela was awarded for her research entitled, "Novel therapeutic strategies to promote liver regeneration" together with principal investigator Michael Underhill (UBC) and biotech partner Mesintel Therapeutics.

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