Congratulations to graduate student Melika Bakharzi (Kuchenbauer Lab) for receiving the Dr. Andrew R. Belch MEET grant for young myeloma investigators, for the work titled, "Optimizing the Vk*MYC multiple myeloma model to investigate osteolytic bone lesions".

More info: Myeloma Canada introduced the Dr. Andrew R. Belch Myeloma Education and Enriched Training (MEET) Grant program in 2019 to honor Dr. Andrew Belch's remarkable contributions in the multiple myeloma field. Created under the vision of co-founder Aldo Del Col, the program supports young myeloma investigators by covering conference fees and travel expenses. Dr. Belch, a driving force in myeloma clinical research, ensured early access to groundbreaking treatments for Canadian patients through clinical trials. His active support for Myeloma Canada, including serving as Chair of the Myeloma Canada Scientific Advisory Board, highlights his dedication to advancing myeloma research and patient care.

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