The Need for a Preclinical Therapeutics Unit

A newly launched Preclinical Therapeutics Unit (PTU), led by Drs. Jiang and Kuchenbauer aims to take advantage of the internationally recognized LaMP team expertise to accelerate the application of precision oncology approaches for the treatment of AML patients. One hold-up has been a growing appreciation of the need to examine new treatments in an in vivo setting, which the potential of patient-derived xenotransplant (PDX) models of genetically defined AML subgroups generated in immunodeficient mice...

Drs. Jiang and Kuchenbauer will explore the therapeutic potential of novel drugs alone as well as in combination with established treatments in state-of-the-art PDX models. The PTU will thus help to overcome the current gap in fast-tracking the translation of basic discoveries into preclinical and Phase 1 studies in patients and serve as a magnet to attract expanded partnerships with large pharmaceutical companies.

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