Characterising the molecular changes that underpin the progression and pathogenesis of cancer.

Our Focus

Through the use of cutting edge technologies, Molecular Oncology (MO) aims to identify genes involved in the development of cancer, quickly and accurately.

MO's researchers combine diverse techniques, ranging from genomics, computational biology, tumour imaging, in vitro and in vivo functional models, to study biological and clinical phenotypes. The proteins produced by these genes may serve as targets for novel chemotherapy drugs and other cancer treatments, or imaging scans. MO uses these combined techniques to validate the role of the novel candidate genes in the development of cancer; with an eye towards translating findings into improved treatment options for cancer patients around the world.

News & Events

Dr. Haifeng Zhang receives young independent investigator grant from the Rally Foundation for Childhood Cancer Research

Dr. Haifeng Zhang (Molecular Oncology), with the support of Dr. Poul Sorensen as mentor, received a young independent investigator grant from the Rally Foundation for Childhood Cancer Research (Rally). 

The award is tied to a project titled, “Immunotherapeutic targeting of IL1RAP in rare pediatric cancers.”

Rally helps fund all levels of promising research initiatives, from science at the bench to translational, and includes fellows, young investigators and independent investigators.

Congratulations to Dr. Zhang on this achievement! 

Dr. Poul Sorensen receives St. Baldrick’s Foundation grant for pediatric Ewing sarcoma research

Dr. Poul Sorensen (Molecular Oncology), with co-investigator Dr. Wei Li (University of Pittsburgh), has been awarded with a pediatric Ewing sarcoma research grant from St. Baldrick's Foundation. 

The Martha’s Better Ewing Sarcoma Treatment (BEST) Grant for All, named after a remarkable teenager who was fighting Ewing sarcoma and passed away in 2022, was awarded to Dr. Sorensen and Dr. Li for a project titled, "Better Ewing Sarcoma Treatment."

BC Cancer 2024 Summer Research Studentship Awards Announced

BC Cancer 2024 Summer Research Studentship competition, sponsored by the BC Cancer Foundation, supports senior undergraduate university students and/or junior medical or dental students seeking hands-on training in cancer research in British Columbia. These summer studentships may address any discipline of cancer research including clinical, translational, basic, behavioural and population research areas.

The 2024 awardees are:

Research Labs

Recent Publications

Proteomic Screens for Suppressors of Anoikis Identify IL1RAP as a Promising Surface Target in Ewing Sarcoma.

Cancer discovery, 2021
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