Technological advances in precision oncology have primary focused on cancer treatment and detection of recurrent disease. Dr. Schrader’s program of research leverages precision oncology platforms to improve hereditary cancer detection, better differentiate hereditary versus non-hereditary forms of cancer, detect cancer earlier, and uncover germline variation that may not only confer increased cancer susceptibility, but may provide other significant information to the cancer patient, family and their care providers.




Husain Akbar

Research Administration Coordinator

Gabriel Canizares

HCP - Research Study Assistant

Carol Cremin

HCP - Genetic Counsellor

Cynthia Ferguson

Research Projects and Operations Leader

Alex Fok

HCP - Project Manager

Quan Hong

HCP - Research Study Assistant

Zoe Lohn

HCP - Genetic Counsellor

Yanni Wang

Laboratory Technologist

Jamie Yuson

HCP - Clerk


Kaurah Pardeep

HCP - Post Doc


Laura Chan

Graduate Student

Lilian Cordova

Graduate Student

Adam Matteson

HCP - Graduate Student

Matthew Richardson

Graduate Student

My Linh Thibodeau

HCP - Graduate Student


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