We are a computational biology laboratory in the Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, and the Department of Statistics at the University of British Columbia. We usually work in BC Cancer Research Centre, or some places where we can open a terminal.

We love high-dimensional, large-volume biological data. If you give us data, we would love to understand the mechanisms of the data-generating process. If you give us a cool hypothesis, we will be excited to test the causality using data. We also love pretty scientific figures with a healthy dose of obsession.





Cynthia Ferguson

Research Projects and Operations Leader

Open Positions

Co-op position - Data Analysis and Scientific Computing for Cancer Genomics Research

Job Type: Co-op position

Placement Term: 2021 - Summer

Duration 8 months: May to December 2021

Job Description

The BC Cancer, part of the Provincial Health Services Authority (BC Cancer) provides a comprehensive provincial program of cancer control and health care delivery in British Columbia. It operates an internationally recognized research program exploring the fundamental mechanisms and technology development for cancer control, clinical studies and clinical trials, and population health and service research. These research efforts are supported by world-class facilities and platforms in genomics, bioinformatics, molecular pathology, imaging, drug development and tissue banking.

The computational genomics lab of Dr. Yongjin Park in the Department of Molecular Oncology at BC Cancer is looking for 2 co-op students to perform data analysis and implement machine learning pipelines for cancer genomics.

A successful candidate will have the opportunity to work closely with a principal investigator and graduate students on the following projects, but not limited to:

  • Designing and maintaining genomic data analysis pipelines in high-performance computing infrastructure
  • Developing an ML method for human genetics and cancer genomics problems (e.g., polygenic risk prediction of cancer)
  • Developing a probabilistic programming library tailored for genomics research
  • Performance comparison with existing computational methods
  • Interactive data visualization for scientific discoveries

We are looking for:

  • Education: Computer Science, Statistics, or related fields
  • Programming experience: Python, R, or Matlab/Julia
  • Competency in Linux/UNIX/MacOS shell scripting
  • Students should have completed at least two years of course work in computer science, statistics, or data science
  • Students with biotechnology-related fields with strong programming skills are also encouraged to apply.

Good to have:

  • Basic understanding of molecular biology and human genetics
  • Prior experience in a bioinformatics setting
  • Prior experience in HPC clusters/cloud
  • Experience with ML packages (PyTorch, Torch, Tensorflow, MxNet)
  • Experience with a low-level programming language (C/C++).


  • You will report to senior lab personnel
  • You will maintain a Github repository for the project

To apply: Please send your CV and cover letter to careersmolonc@bccrc.ca

Please put your full name and job title “Co-op position - Data Analysis and Scientific Computing for Cancer Genomics Research" in the subject line.

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