The Deeley Research Centre (DRC) is a key site for BC Cancer’s Immunotherapy ProgramResearchers at the DRC are studying how the immune system responds to cancer and how best to enhance this response for therapeutic purposes. The Immunotherapy Program is translating discoveries from the DRC and our many collaborators into innovative clinical trials, offering promising new treatment options for patients with cancer.

Thanks to generous support of the Conconi family and thousands of other donors to the BC Cancer Foundation, as well as grants from the Canada Foundation for Innovation and the BC Knowledge Development Fund, the DRC is home to the Conconi Family Immunotherapy Lab (CFIL). CFIL is an advanced cell manufacturing facility that produces natural and genetically engineered T cell products for clinical trials in BC and other sites in Canada.

The DRC is also home to the Molecular and Cellular Immunology Core, and supports BC Cancer’s Biobanking and Biospecimen Research Services.

BC Cancer's Immunotherapy Program

The BC Cancer’s Immunotherapy Program's goal is to develop precise and potent immunotherapeutic strategies for cancer. With the generous support of the Conconi family, donors and the BCCF the DRC constructed the Conconi Family Immunotherapy Lab (CFIL). CFIL is and advanced GMP cell therapy manufacturing facility that supports the production of cellular products for immunotherapy clinical trials.   

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Xavier Pelletier High School Internship Program

The DRC offers Grade 11 high school students a first-hand opportunity to explore cancer research. Under the guidance of DRC researchers, the students take on their own 8-week research project using the latest laboratory techniques to fight cancer.

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BC Cancer trainee Gillian Carleton receives prestigious Vanier scholarship

Gillian Carleton is no stranger to hard work. The BC Cancer researcher, University of Victoria student and Team Canada Olympic medalist can now include a Vanier Canada Scholarship award under their belt. The award is arguably one of the most prestigious graduate scholarship awards in Canada, offering recipients $50,000 per year for 3 years while they finish their graduate studies.

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