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BC Cancer Research is taking a gradual and careful approach to re-opening research activities to protect our staff, patients and communities. Access our COVID-19 recovery resources by expanding this tab.

Phase 2 Resources

Phase 1 Resources

Technology Development Office

The PHSA Technology Development Office (TDO) is located at the BC Cancer Research Centre.

TDO provides management of intellectual property (IP) to ensure that innovations arising from research are identified, evaluated, protected and leveraged into working solutions that benefit patients, BC Cancer Researchers, and PHSA.

Contract review and negotiation is provided by TDO on behalf of PHSA for all BC Cancer researchers, ensuring that the appropriate policies and guidelines are addressed.

TDO provides services to PHSA researchers and clinicians including:

  • Strategic advice on IP commercialization for all PHSA researchers, clinicians and technologists
  • IP, commercialization and contract management services for all BC Cancer researchers 
  • IP, commercialization and contract management services for all PHSA researchers without an academic appointment

Support is provided by TDO to help industry partners and academic partners work with PHSA researchers and clinicians, including:

  • Material Transfer Agreements (MTA)
  • Confidential Disclosure Agreements (CDA)
  • Licensing opportunities
  • Collaboration opportunities
  • Inter-institutional funding transfers and sub-grant agreements

Biobanking & Biospecimen Research Services

The Biobanking & Biospecimen Research Services (BBRS) is a provincial program that provides services, support, and advice to researchers and biobanks on accessing, collecting, and utilizing human biospecimens and associated data for health research.

Services include:
• Access to banked biospecimens in our inventory
• Custom prospective collection services for specific research projects
• Facilitation of access to clinical archival materials
• Training of research personnel in a range of biobanking roles including consenting
• Advice on sources for obtaining biospecimens for research
• Support for adoption of biobanking quality standards including education and tools

The BBRS provides the following services:

  • For biospecimens – we provide access to our collection of banked biospecimens and provide custom contract prospective collection services for specific research projects 

  • For researchers – we provide advice, training, education, and contract biobanking setup services to researchers and institutions wishing to set up their own collections 

  • For biobanking standards – we maintain national biobanking practice standards (Canadian Tissue Repository Network) and operate national/international certification programs that are accessed through the Biobank Resource Centre 


The Library delivers timely service and evidence-informed resources to people facing cancer and those involved in oncology care or research.

Additional Resources

BC Cancer provides a number of resources for staff and for people living with or affected by cancer.

Research Policy and Directives

Often-used policies for research administration
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