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Our main research focus is to improve patient outcomes by gaining deeper understanding of lymphoma biology and disease progression which can be translated into clinical applications. Our ultimate goal is to improve patient outcomes through enhanced precision medicine, which can be designed using advanced genomic tools.

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TMEM30A loss-of-function mutations drive lymphomagenesis and confer therapeutically exploitable vulnerability in B-cell lymphoma

Nature Medicine
Ennishi D, Shannon H, Bashashati A, Saberi S, Hother C, Mottok A, Chan F, Chong L, Kridel R, Boyle M, Meissner B, Aoki T, Takata K, Woolcock B, Vigano E, Abraham L, Gold M, Molday L, Molday R, Telenius A, Li M, Wretham N, Santos N, Wong M, Viller N, Uger R, Baticados A, Madero A, Farinha P, Slack G, Ben-Neriah S, Lai D, Zhang A, Salehi S, Hennady P, Shulha Chiu, D Mostafavi, S Gerrie, Huang D, Rushton C, Villa D, Sehn L, Savage K, Mungall A, Weng A, Bally Morin R, Freue G, Staudt L, Connors J, Marra M, Shah S, Gascoyne R, Scott D, Steidl C
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