Dr. Zeng is a distinguished scientist with the Integrative Oncology Department (Imaging Unit) of the BC Cancer Research Centre, a professor of Dermatology and Skin Science at the University of British Columbia (UBC), and associate member of UBC Departments of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine and Physics & Astronomy. Dr. Zeng received a B.Sc. degree on electronic physics from Peking University, a M.Sc. degree on electronic physics and devices from the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and a Ph.D. degree on biophysics from UBC. For over 30 years, Dr. Zeng’s research has been focused on developing novel phototherapy and various optical imaging and spectroscopy techniques for improving early cancer detection. He has published over 160 refereed journal papers, 17 book chapters, and 1 book (“Diagnostic Endoscopy”, CRC Press Series in Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering). Dr. Zeng serves as Editorial Board members for the Journal of Biomedical Optics and the recently launched journal - Translational Biophotonics. He is an Executive Organizing Committee member of the annual SPIE International Symposium on Biomedical Optics.

Dr. Zeng’s research has generated 28 granted patents and a couple of pending patents related to optical diagnosis and therapy. Several medical devices derived from these patents including fluorescence endoscopy (ONCO-LIFE™) and rapid Raman spectroscopy (Verisante Aura™) have passed regulatory approvals and are currently in clinical uses around the world. The latest device, Verisante Aura™ using Raman spectroscopy for non-invasive skin cancer detection, was awarded the Prism Award in the Life Sciences and Biophotonics category in February, 2013 by SPIE, the International Society for Optics and Photonics. 


Multimodality Microscopy and Spectroscopy for Improving Noninvasive Skin Cancer Detection

Multiphoton Photothermolysis for Precision Microsurgery

Raman Spectroscopy and Multimodality Endoscopy Imaging for Improving Lung Cancer Screening and Localization

Raman Spectroscopy and Endomicroscopy Imaging for Improving Colorectal Cancer Detection and Screening


University of British Columbia


Current Appointments

Professor, Department of Dermatology & Skin Science, UBC

Associate member, Department of Physics & Astronomy, UBC

Associate member, Department of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine, UBC


B.Sc., Electronic Physics, Beijing University/Peking University, 1983

M.Sc., Electronic Physics and Devices, Institute of Electronics and Graduate School, Chinese Academy of Sciences, 1986

Ph.D., Biophysics, UBC, 1993


UBC Phys 543 - Biomedical Optics [Link to http://www.phas.ubc.ca/~hzeng/index.html]
SPIE SC 823 - Diagnostic Endoscopy [Link to http://spie.org/x1145.xml?course_id=M0000892]


Vancouver Raman Algorithm
[Link to http://www.flintbox.com/technology.asp?page=3553]


Selected Publications

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