Dr. Lam’s research is in early detection and chemoprevention of lung cancer. The research focus of the group is to develop a comprehensive lung cancer control strategy integrating smoking cessation, risk assessment, early detection, chemoprevention, diagnosis, treatment and surveillance. Dr. Stephen Lam is the Principal Investigator of the Pan-Canadian Early Detection of Lung Cancer Study involving eight centers across Canada from coast to coast. The team has developed a web-based lung cancer risk prediction tool to identify smokers at sufficient risk for screening with low dose Computed Tomography and to evaluate the incremental value of biomarkers as well as development of a highly accurate lung nodule malignancy risk calculator. Dr. Lam also chairs the Canadian Partnership Against Cancer Expert Panel on Lung Cancer Screening and has published an on line document entitled, “Summary of Existing and New Evidence on Lung Cancer Screening”, to guide physicians and health care policy makers to make an informed decision on screening. The current focus of his group is to translate lung cancer screening from applied research to clinical practice to impact the outcome of patients with lung cancer – the most common cause of cancer deaths in the world.




Maya Khattra

Research Assistant

Tania Morais

Administrative Assistant

Selected Publications


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