Dr. Catherine Poh Laboratory is interested in the development and application of screening and diagnostic strategies for early detection, risk assessment, and management of oral cancer and precancerous diseases. Currently, the lab efforts focus on translating several molecular and imaging tests (both non-invasive and invasive) for triaging patients to appropriate clinical management according to risk of cancer progression, and for identifying and integrating prognostic markers of nodal diseases in oral cancer patients. Complementing with benchtop research, I also focus on collaborative longitudinal and large-scale clinical studies for both precancerous and cancerous lesions, as well as establishing population based oral premalignant biobank through working with the dental communities, the BC Oral Biopsy Service, and the clinic of Integrative Triage for Patients with Oral Pre-malignant Lesions.




Tony Han

Research Assistant

Sarah Zhu

Research Assistant


Kelly Liu

Postdoctoral Fellow


James Jeon

Graduate Student

Selected Publications



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