Jul 06, 2019

Congratulations to Dr. Will Lockwood for receiving a BC Lung Association grant for “Defining mechanisms of lineage transformation in lung adenocarcinoma to combat therapy resistance".

Aug 31, 2021

New study examines ‘Achilles heel’ of cancer tumours, paving the way for new treatment strategies

Researchers at the University of British Columbia’s faculty of medicine and BC Cancer Research Institute have uncovered a weakness in a key enzyme that solid tumour cancer cells rely on to adapt and survive when oxygen levels are low.

The findings, published today in Science Advances, will help researchers develop new treatment strategies to limit the progression of solid cancer tumours, which represent the majority of tumour types that arise in the body.

May 14, 2020

A new combination treatment targeting “cancer stem cells” may overcome drug resistance in blood cancers

Building on a BC Cancer discovery from decades past, a new combination treatment has shown promise to overcome drug resistance and relapse in people with chronic myeloid leukemia. 

Building off the discovery of an enzyme called integrin-linked kinase (ILK) made by BC Cancer distinguished scientist Dr. Shoukat Dedhar 24 years ago, BC Cancer’s Drs. Xiaoyan Jiang and Shoukat Dedhar have made a significant advancement in understanding the role of this enzyme in blood cancers. 

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