Dr. Wan Lam's Laboratory is primarily focused on understanding the molecular events that lead to cancer progression. His team has developed novel whole genome technologies and bioinformatics methodologies for tracking genetic, epigenetic, and gene expression changes in order to identify genes and signaling pathways that govern cancer progression and treatment response processes.  He studies a variety of cancer types, with emphasis on lung cancer. His internationally recognized molecular systems biology team has discovered actionable pathways uniquely disrupted in the squamous cell carcinoma, adenocarcinoma, and small cell lung carcinoma subtypes of lung cancer. His team has also identified coding and non-coding RNA gene disruptions that link COPD and lung cancer, predict drug sensitivity in malignancy, and elucidate the diverse mechanisms of lung cancer development in smokers, former smokers, and non-smokers.




Dr. Kim Lonergan

Staff Scientist

Miwa Suzuki

Research Assistant

Chunmei (May) Zhang

Research Assistant


Dr. Mateus de Camargo Barros Filho, PhD

Postdoctoral Fellow

Dr. Spencer D. Martin, PhD

Postdoctoral Fellow

Dr. Greg Stewart, PhD

Postdoctoral Fellow


David Cohn

Graduate Student

Michelle Pewarchuk, BSc

Graduate Student

Adam Sage

Graduate Student

Nikita Telkar

Graduate Student

Rebecca Zhuang

Medical Student

Selected Publications


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