The Molecular and Cellular Immunology Core (MCIC) is a full service facility specializing in advanced molecular, genomic and histological methods including multicolour immunohistochemistry (mcIHC) and immunofluorescence (mcIF), automated image analysis, laser capture microdissection, multispectral flow cytometry, and single-cell sequencing. 

MCIC supports academic and industry projects both nationally and internationally, ranging from investigator-driven basic research, to correlative studies for clinical trials, to fee-for-service projects with industrial clients.


Histology – Tissue fixation, paraffin embedding, sectioning, mounting, TMA construction, automated mcIHC and mcIF staining (up 8-colour), and laser capture microdissection.

Imaging – Advanced imaging suite with cutting-edge equipment, including a Vectra 3.0 automated quantitative pathology imaging system, Pannoramic MIDI digital slide scanner, and Vectra Polaris.

Analysis – Advanced image analysis software, including InForm (Perkin Elmer), HALO (Indica Labs) and QuPath, to quantify morphological and cellular features within tissue samples.

To inquire about histology services or to request a quote please contact Katy Milne (

Please consult the MCIC service guide for additional information.


Single cell sequencing - 10x Genomics Chromium Controller

To inquire about bioinformatic services or to request a quote please contact Dr. Phineas Hamilton (

Flow Cytometry

High dimensional flow cytometry – Two Cytek Aurora spectral flow cytometers (up to 48-parameter analyses) and dedicated computer workstations for multispectral data analysis.

Fluorescence activated cell sorting (FACS) – BD FACSMelody for single cell sorting

To inquire about flow cytometry services or to request a quote please contact Julian Smazynski (

Multicolour immunohistochemistry

Tertiary lymphoid structure in high-grade serous carcinoma.

(CD21: blue, CD3: green, CD20: red, CD208: black, PNAd: brown,CD8: darker purple)

Single-cell sequencing

T- Distributed Stochastic Neighbour Embedding (tSNE) of multiplexed single cell sequencing of high-grade ovarian cancer.

Each point represents a cell transcriptome sequence and the colour represents individual donors.

Multicolour immunofluorescence

Tumour infiltrating lymphocytes in high-grade serous carcinoma.

(CD155: orange, CD68: magenta, PD-L1: cyan, CD3: yellow, CD8: green, PD-1: red, PanCK+: purple')
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