" One of the things that is associated positively with a patient’s chances of survival, and their response to immunotherapies, is a high level of immune cell infiltration and collaboration within their tumour. 

My research is centered around figuring out how immune cells, like B cells, T cells, and macrophages, work together against Ovarian Cancer. One of my key focuses is on understanding lympho-myeloid aggregates (LMAs). These are clusters of immune cells found in ovarian cancer. My goal is to figure out the relationship between the function of different types LMAs, which immune cell populations they're comprised of, and the makeup of the surrounding tumour microenvironment. 

I'm particularly excited about creating and using novel techniques and technologies! I also love applying statistical techniques in new ways to describe the spatial distribution and gene expression of immune cells and LMAs."


 BSc Biopharmaceutical Science and Genomics, University of Ottawa, 2018

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