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The BC Generations Project


The BC Generations Project, British Columbia’s largest-ever health study, is led by researchers at Cancer Control Research within the BCCA Cancer Research Centre.  The BCGP will collect further health information from our nearly 30,000 participants and track their health outcomes up to 2058. The purpose of such a biobank is to provide the raw material for the highest-quality population studies by offering researchers pre-diagnostic risk information in order to study a range of chronic diseases including cancer, neurodegenerative and heart diseases. 

The BCGP’s size and level of detail, biosamples and prospective design create an invaluable engine to drive research in disease causation and prevention, and the search for early biomarkers of disease. Research into preventing chronic disease, based in part on BC-specific data, has the potential to reduce the burden on the provincial healthcare system due to the projected increase and aging of the BC population.   For more information about the study or to access the resource, visit the BC Generations Project website.

The BC Generations Project is part of a massive national research initiative called the Canadian Partnership for Tomorrow Project (CPTP).  There are five jurisdictions involved in this project: British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario, Quebec and Atlantic Canada. While each regional project may be slightly different, the jurisdictions have worked together to ensure consistency, quality and security in their data and biosample collection procedures. By combining datasets collected across the country, researchers can more easily analyze disease patterns, even with relatively rare cancers that affect few people. Visit the CPTP Portal to view what data and biosamples are currently available on the over 300,000 participants. 

The Canadian Partnership Against Cancer is the main funder of the BC Generations Project.