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Canada's Michael Smith Genome Sciences Centre


Canada's Michael Smith Genome Sciences Centre commenced operations at the BC Cancer Agency in 1999, with a mandate to develop and deploy genomics technologies in support of the life sciences, and in particular cancer research.

Today the Genome Sciences Centre specializes in large-scale, ultra high-throughput sequencing applications. With more than 16 sequencing instruments and a state of the art data and computation centre, the GSC decodes cancer genomes, epigenomes & transcriptomes, and is poised to apply this knowledge for the direct benefit of cancer patients.

Recognizing the diverse applications of genomics approaches, the Genome Sciences Centre also provides technology platform access to Genome Canada and Genome BC projects working in the areas of human health, the environment, forestry, agriculture, and aquaculture.

The Genome Sciences Centre has played a leading role in many large scale genomics initiatives.

Selection of papers by Genome Sciences Centre scientists

Full lists of publications are available on our faculty members' websites)










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  • 1998

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