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The Aparicio lab uses the latest technologies to rapidly identify genes that are involved in the development of breast cancer. Through the use of high-throughput screening methods, we will be screening cancers of diverse genotypes for sensitivity and mechanism of response to G-Quadruplex stabilizers CX5461, Pyridostatin and other related compounds. 

We are seeking a highly-motivated and highly skilled individual with expertise or experience in tissue culture, handling and working with hazardous drugs/compounds, and functional assay development/drug screening. The successful applicant will work full-time under the direction and supervision of both Dr. Samuel Aparicio, Principal Investigator, and the Laboratory Research and Operations manager. The position will provide the candidate with a high level of exposure to all current on-going project within Aparicio Lab, such as areas of single cell genomics and translational research, CRISPR-cas9 and patient derived xenograft, as well as, providing opportunities to work collaboratively with industry partners and other researchers globally; position start date is flexible.


Aparicio Lab is located in the department of Molecular Oncology at BC Cancer Research Institute in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The candidate will report directly to Dr. Samuel Aparicio, or Laboratory and Research Operation Manager. More information on the lab, please visit


  • Plans, designs and performs high throughput drug/compound screening assay.
  • Handle, aliquot and preparation of hazardous (possibly cytotoxic) drug compounds for use in screening assay.
  • Using aseptic technique to grow and maintain various types of cell-line and primary cell cultures.
  • Using a LMIS system to track and record sample data
  • Developing and implementing standard operating protocols (SOPs).
  • Maintains laboratory records and experimental data.
  • Assist in general lab maintenance such as reagent preparation, receiving and inventory of lab supplies.
  • Presents data and updates at scientific meetings, writes reports when required.
  • Provide training and instruction for specialized techniques and equipment.
  • Carries out any other related duties as assigned or required in keeping with the qualifications and requirements of this technician level.


The work is of a complex nature and required high level of training, tasks are assigned and the incumbent exercises a considerable amount of responsibility, initiative and judgment in determining own work schedule to achieve those tasks. Errors may result in the permanent loss of irreplaceable tissue samples, loss of thousands of dollars of material and/or damage to equipment.  Incorrect decisions or actions may damage the reputation of the laboratory, lead to loss of credibility in this field, and be financially costly. Noncompliance with biosafety and chemical safety regulations may also result in closure of facility or loss of grant funding.


The successful applicant will work under minimum supervision. From time to time, Principal Investigator, Research Associates or Laboratory Research and Operations Manager may provide specific instructions on unusual problems, or new project outlines. This position will report to the Principal Investigator or Laboratory Research and Operations Manager.   


Depending on experience and expertise, the successful applicant might be assisting in training and supervision of student trainees or junior staff, including providing instruction on use of lab equipment and procedures, and will help troubleshoot experiments in their area of expertise.


  • A MSc in Biological Sciences (Molecular Biology or other relevant field) or BSc with 1-2 years of related experience in academic research or biotech industry settings, preference will be given to applicants with work experience in drug screen / assay development.
  • A working knowledge and understanding of molecular biology and biochemistry techniques is essential; prior hands-on working experience in tissue culture, aseptic techniques, handling of hazardous drug/compound, assay development, and high-throughput screening will be considered an asset.
  • Ability to perform and troubleshoot a wide variety of molecular and cellular biology techniques.
  • Demonstrated understanding of experimental design, high-throughput screening methods and assay design, and optimization.
  • Strong interpersonal skills, communication skills (orally and written) and the ability to interact positively and productively with other team members are essential.
  • Excellent documentation and organizational skills.
  • The successful candidate must be well-organized, conscientious, understand the importance of detail, and be able to multi-task and prioritize duties effectively.

To apply: please include your resume and cover letter.

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