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Dr. Juergen Vielkind



  • Kazianis S, Morizot DC, Coletta LD, Johnston DA, Woolcock B, Vielkind JR, Nairn RS. Comparative structure and characterization of a CDKN2 gene in a Xiphophorus fish melanoma model. Oncogene 18(36):5088-99. (1999)[View Abstract - PubMed 10490845] 


  • Tron VA, Crawford R, Vielkind JR. The melanoma-specific XMEL antigen is expressed in dysplatic naevi Melanoma Res 7: 209-213 (1997)[View Abstract - PubMed 9195559] 

  • Vielkind JR, Huhn K, Tron VA. The Xiphophorus-derived antibody, XMEL, shows sensitivity and specificity for human cutaneous melanoma but is not a prognostic marker. J Cutan Pathol 24(10):620-7. (1997)[View Abstract - PubMed 9449489]


  • Harless J, Obermoeller RD, Walter RB, Svensson R, Nairn RS, Vielkind JR, Kallman KD, Morizot DC. Characterization of a tyrosine kinase-peptidase A synteny in linkage group XIII of Xiphophorus fishes (Teleostei: Poeciliidae): implications for vertebrate chromosome evolution. J Hered 86(3):235-40. (1995)[View Abstract - PubMed 7608517] 


  • Sadaghiani B, Crawford BJ, Vielkind JR. Generation of poly- and mono-clonal antibodies against trout fibronectin (FN) and their use in FN immunodetection in teleost fishes. Biochem Cell Biol 72(7-8):343-8. (1994)[View Abstract - PubMed 7893474] 

  • Woolcock BW, Schmidt BM, Kallman KD, Vielkind JR. Differences in transcription and promotors of Xmrk-1 and Xmrk-2 genes suggest a role for Xmrk-2 in pigment pattern development in the platyfish, Xiphophorus maculatus Cell Growth Differ 5: 575-583 (1994)[View Abstract - PubMed 7522032]


  • Rennie PS, Mawji NR, Coldman AJ, Godolphin W, Jones EC, Vielkind JR, Bruchovsky N. Relationship between variant forms of estrogen receptor RNA and an apoptosis-related RNA, TRPM-2, with survival in patients with breast cancer. Cancer 72(12):3648-54. (1993)[View Abstract - PubMed 8252481]

  • Vielkind JR, Tron VA, Schmidt BM, Dougherty GJ, Ho VC, Woolcock BW, Sadaghiani B, Smith C. A putative marker for human melanoma - A monoclonal antibody derived from the melanoma gene of the Xiphophorus melanoma model Am J Pathol 143: 656-662 (1993)[View Abstract - PubMed 8362968]


  • Gong Z, Hew CL, Vielkind JR. Functional analysis and temporal expression of promoter regions from fish antifreeze protein genes in transgenic Japanese medaka embryos. Mol Mar Biol Biotechnol 1(1):64-72. (1991)[View Abstract - PubMed 1845472]

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  • Sadaghiani B, Vielkind JR. Distribution and migration pathways of HNK-1-immunoreactive neural crest cells in teleost fish embryos. Development 110(1):197-209. (1990)[View Abstract - PubMed 1706978]

  • Stuart GW, Vielkind JR, McMurray JV, Westerfield M. Stable lines of transgenic zebrafish exhibit reproducible patterns of transgene expression. Development 109(3):577-84. (1990)[View Abstract - PubMed 2401211]


  • Vielkind JR, Vogel KS. Gene transfer and expression studies in cultured avian neural crest cells differentiating into melanocytes. Pigment Cell Res 2(1):44-52. (1989)[View Abstract - PubMed 2717529]


  • Vielkind U, Vielkind JR. Culture of embryos and cells from platyfish and swordtails for carcinogenicity testing and studies on melanoma formation. Natl Cancer Inst Monogr 65:179-83. (1984)[View Abstract - PubMed 6749251]



  • Vielkind JR. Progression from Pigment Cell Patterns to Melanomas in Platyfish/Swordtail Hybrids - Multiple Genetic Changes and a Theme for Tumorigenesis. In: Milo G, Casto B, Shuler, C, editors. Transformation of Human Epithelial Cells: Molecular and Oncogenetic Mechanisms, Chapter 12. CRC Press, Baton Rouge. p 285-301. (1992).