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Simon Dee

Information Technology Project Manager


  Simon at CES 

Biobank IT Project Manager


  • Simon holds a bachelor of science degree in Computer Science from UBC (University of British Columbia)




Research Interests

Simon leads the application platform and services development for BC Cancer Agency's next-generation Bio-banking platform. He has experience in building technically challenging web-based applications and services. He has implemented the TTR (Tumour Tissue Repository) Information Systems Architecture and has also provided a cutting edge solution to support the BC Cancer Agency TTR Database Repository initiative of storing patient clinical data, pathologist annotations, outcomes, and specimen inventories. This solution will represent a new tool to support and direct new research initiatives as well as allow the exploration of data mining not possible in the past.

Current Responsibilities

  •     Design and implemented information work flow and database for a provincial biobank with linked clinical data (Cancer Registry and CAIS) for cancer research.
  •     Build web-based applications for PREDICT (population-scale biobank ) and Permission To Contact (PTC) projects for BC Children's Hospital, BC Women's Hospital, Vancouver General Hospital and BC Cancer Agency within the PHSA/HSSBC Heath Authority network.
  •     Collaborate with other Canadian provincial tissue banks and contribute biobank software source code through the Canadian Tumor Repository Network (CTRNet).
  •     Provide technical leadership and IT project management to UBC Faculty of Medicine Department of Pathology Office of Biobank, Education and Research (OBER) information system.